Sunday, May 10, 2009


Last night, i went to RTB for audition.Nda byk urang yang join,mostly byk urang menyanyikan lagu slow rock for this preliminary. For me i go for pop rock by Harvey Malaiholo. I felt mcm janggal pasal lama dah inda turut for this competiton. Inda sure either i can go through or not but we'll see how. It seems that all judges were really looking thru my showmanship. But, entah lah..tawakkal saja. I went with Eshamuddin last night, cos sisternya pun ikut menyanyi. Sal si YUsri, cant make it last night, pasal ada urg bebadak sebelah rumahnya. The other friends also busy. So, lone ranger lah.
You know what! Kejumpahan ku my freinds auditioning jua, tekajut jua ku..heheheTapi sayang at the end atu lupa lirik tia..adui...but anyway, its really impressive. I need to get more rest, as later,on duty to Jeddah with 10 hours flight..sigh..kepisan ni krg. Catch u later..k Byeeee...