Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today still in Jeddah, as this will be the hari kedua..batah lagi kan balik 15th baru balik. Kemarin sampai di Jeddah 1am ertinya local time in Brunei 5am. Jeddah flight took 10 hours journey. 1 hour before landing to Jeddah, there were bad news from the captain. Screen di cockpit were crack!! We were panic, but anyhow it was okay, so the captain had to fly lower altitude for not pressurising the cabin. Decision made by the captain were to land the aircraft to Dubai or Kuwait,but unfortunately, the fuel were not enough to land and to fly back to Jeddah. And it will took 12 hours to fix the screen crack to repair and to get the spare parts from Abu Dhabi.

Then final decision were made from authority from Brunei management, no matter what, we still continuing to Jeddah. The aircraft cannot fly for the next 24 hours due to fixing the screen and awaiting the spare parts from outstation. Inda pulang tau brapa costs nya, but i heard more than 8000 US dollar only for delivery.huhuh~~ atu mahal...So passengers and crew rest who take over the flight were affected their rest hours period. The crew were got 1 whole day to stay in Jeddah. Those passengers who got connecting flight were reroute available next flights.

Alhamdulilah, baik nasib jua nada pa2to our old aircraft ani, mun nda..hmmmmThe next 3 days we spent in Jeddah now, ada yang membuat umrah di Mekah today. Masa ani ramai urang umrah di Mekah, maybe musimnya kali..For me i need to save this allowance, pasal a lot of things need to pay in Brunei..heheheheh. I try to upload some of the pic while we in Jeddah. As we only got 1 PC here in the crew lounge. Iatah payah berabut memakai. Aku menaip ani pun durang menunggu aku untuk turn durang..hehehe..Bah see u..