Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Night~

Bilatah kan abis nie?

Last night, Dr. Yusri went to my place and both of having chit-chatting. Unfortunately, some others, were not able to come due to personal reasons. Borenk! iatah byk makanan belabih..However, i will arrange another day, cause i was planning it last minute pulang. Nothing happened today. Hj Lidi will come to my place..and im planning to go swimming at 6pm, then tarus ke Fitness Zone krg.I wonder durang Yusri pigi or not krg.
Alhamdulilah, my place siap udah! tinggal some stuff need to buy for my house. Im looking for standing lamp at my corner of my living room..nantitah meliat2 di Jeddah nanti.Things need to buy for my house:
  1. Curtain
  2. Standing Lamp
  3. Floor mat
  4. Cushion Cover Material
  5. Coffee Table
  6. Centre Carpet (Lampit)

Things havent paid for this month:

  1. Parking Fees Airport (2 months)
  2. Astro (1 month due)
  3. Utang to My Dad

Insyallah, by next month i have to settle this three above, tapi terpaksa tah incit membayar to my dad..huhu~~This month really need to control on my budget except this things to look after:

  1. Petrol Car
  2. Daily Neccesities

Do you guys also thinking this matters???