Saturday, July 19, 2008


Guess what? I got a friend who is finally have a good friend in one the bank. When, i ask him, he said he try to discuss with that guy if its approved. I start to browse the QQEstore online purchase and start ordering. My Goodness, i have research this Canon 40D for almost 3 months. I did several times reading, browsing, surfing and searching this product on how using this camera. Im adoring Canon Camera. I started to use and grabbing and playing this Digital Camera SLR since 2005, when a friend asking me took his picture. He's using Nikon D70, and i was become more "Siuk" with this item.

At that time, i'm browsing these camera, but due no budget, things stop.
And i wondering and praying one day, i will get one. It started again, in 2007 when me and Jeff taking picture in bandar. We using only mobile phone Nokia 6680 and the outcome were outrageous! I started to edit picture using CS photoshop and after awhile i become more use to it. Last year i went to Singapore for having short courses. And we went to Courts Tampines. Wandering around, i saw some display digital camera SLR on the table. I was trying and have a look. I saw the price were quite expensive jua. Then, i saw this canon Powershot S5I semi pro digital camera. It cost $699. i grab it and took some opinion from friends before purchase it. Some said, it was good price and a very good investment. And in my mind, its time for me to pamper myself. Finally, i grab it and start FAQ with the salesman. He showed and guided me the use of this camera. I had free gift rechargeable battery and Canon carrying bag.

I started to play this camera actively and took some picture outdoor. But, snapping picture is aint enough! I start to know the quality of the picture, the use of apperture,shutter,iso and so on. I start searching blogger of photographer. Then, i found one of the photographer who is inspired me. He is Saiful Nang. I wouldnt know him, if im not reading some article from my friends blog; More about him can be read through Then i join forum at Here i learn more and the forum were discussing on how to take some good photograph.

Most photographer in the forum were very helpful and easy to chat with.
And in terms of after services sales, it can be done in Brunei and easy to refer to.
Now im still, learning it. If this camera were in my hand(CanonD40), then the journey of the world photography will begin. Amin..Amin

On how to use it go to demo video:

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