Monday, July 21, 2008


I went to Perth on duty flight yesterday. Departure was at 0225am in the morning. While arriving in Perth was 0805am. There were no time difference between Brunei and Perth, Australia. So, I don’t have any problem on my sleeping pattern as there was no time difference. Arrive in the hotel almost 1000am, and took a little nap waiting till 12.30 noon for lunch. As usual I brought my camera as the weather was so nice. Temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. Luckily, I brought my jacket with me. Late afternoon, weather becomes more chilly and windy. We had our lunch at Indonesian Restaurant, somewhere in town. Very good food delicacies but it was damn hot and spicy. I ate sambal sotong,Pucuk Ubi masak Gulai and Ayam Goreng. It cost around $10.90 AUD including drinks. The place was very Indonesian Heritage style and their playing music Gamelan traditional instrument equipment for special function). I saw a lot of Australian and other nationalities dining in the restaurant enjoyed their lunch.

Then, after lunch, we went to Target Shopping Mall. I only do a window shopping, because the prices for a shirt are quite high. I rather shopping in Brunei nowadays, as Brunei was much cheaper compare with other countries. My colleague was surveying his things in other shops. I took some picture in town. Many places in Perth were more to classical and old buildings. The environment was also quite cozy and easy for people to walk around. On the way back to hotel around 5pm, we stopped by and watching a performer doing is activities in the middle of the town. Many people were watching and I was snapped some pictures of him and he realized that I took the picture. He posed some action with his cute smile. I don’t have a chance to get his name, but I bet he was Algerian look. It almost 6pm, we went back to hotel and get some rest….


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