Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday, i went to Benutan again with si Jeff, pasal ada photo session with my model name Christy. She's tall 5'7,fair,slim and photogenic. Perfect! This is what i want as a model. If i not mistaken she is murut. She lives somewhere in Benutan areas and a cousin of Jeff. We start out journey 6.30am in the morning. I was not feeling well last two days. Sudden, my body temperature were out of control and feeling dizzy all the time. But, since Jeff, already overnite at my place for this session, then project still going on. Weather a bit hazy and showers were scattered everywhere. Around 8am,start make-up Christy. Looking through Christy features face were very sharp and unique, so,doesnt have any problem on make up on her.

t 10am, we start to move to places infront of Ketua Kampong house, Hj Ali. It was cloudy and it semms that Christy were comfortable with the camera. Eventhough,really shy infront of camera,with the help of my stylist Jeff,it seems goes smoothly. Finished around 11am,started to packed it up to christy house. Im still dizzy and nausea. My body become shaky and i was being offered to get rest for a couple of hours before we having our lunch. I ate 2 panadol, and i woke up feels okay,but my dizziness were still there. We all having lunch and cooked by Christy mother. The food were extraodinary health conscious. All cooking methods were told by using Olive Oil. We enjoyed the lunch and have a cit chat between the meals.

1.30pm, me and Jeff start with the next journey to Tasek Merimbun, Oh my Goodness! I still can carried up myself eventough im not feeling well. Si jeff were worrying about my health i thought, but well things already prepared and star were already on her way to TAsek Merimbun. At 2pm, we met star at Tasek Merimbun. I was so shocked and suprised, she is small and petit. It seems that si Jeff and Star were well get along each other. At first, we were uncomfortable but then, things went smoothly. I make up Star in my car,since there was no place for us to make over her. My hands were still shaky and dizziness were still in my head. On the way to get location down the hill, i almost fell down, my vision getting blur. I dont think Jeff were realised as he enjoyed with star. I totally have no mood during at this time! and there was one time i asked them to stop with the joke. Its in the forest, so, whatever we said, we have to be very careful when come to those areas.So i still continuing with the snap shoot,weather were so damn hot and very clear. At 3.30pm we finished with the session,and went to Seri Kenangan Beach at Tutong. Star were treated us some food, that had been requested by Jeff. As we arrived in the beach,i cant stand it anymore. Things get more worst, i feel so dizzy. Imagine since in the morning i can bear it till to the afternoon. Si jeff went down and spotted one area a place for them to hangout. I was in the car without airconditioner. Sitting inside the car,and get rest. I was sleeping while the others were enjoying their meals. I really dont wanna spoiled thier day. So, i rather in the car resting without interupting their enjoyness instead worried my sickness.

round 4.30pm,then we start to move and saying goodbye to star. Apologising her due to my sickness and thaked to her for willing to go to Tasek Merimbun. She even 'Tapau' for me the food. Arrive at Kapok, around 6pm, si Jeff tarus nyuci keretanya. Aku tarus masuk kebilik mandi then makan ubat. Badanku start kajar2 and paning2. Ubat yang ku makan saja ialah Panadol actifast. Pukul 8pm lalu, aku tertidur, skali ku bangun si Jeff masih lagi bangun with his lappy. nda nyaman tidurku,mudah saja ku tebangun. Risau ku si Jeff tekacau tidurnya. Pasal, ada kali 4 kali aku tebangun and muntah bekali2 setiap kali ku bangun. Parutku mual and kepala ku paning2. Badanku menyucuk2,iatah inda nyaman ku tidur.Tadi aku tebangun kul 4am, aku makan ubat lagi and badan ku start bepaluh, Inda ku tahan, ku buka bajuku. Aircond ku tutup. Si jeff,nuyurh jgntah beaircond pasal, ia biasa udah inda beraircond. Kul 6am si Jeff bangun and get showered. Ariani ia kraja katanya. So, aku pun tbangun, tarus tah ku nganikan si Jeff diluar.

Tarustah ku hirup udara pagi tadi pasal lamasku di bilik saja.

Btw, i think this is the worst part project i ever had and courageness makes me feels stronger and learning new things.


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