Friday, July 10, 2009


Over the years I have come across many people who were suffering from insomnia and had no idea why. After a short Q&A session it would become clear what caused their insomnia and what the possible route towards a cure should be. Out of the many cases that I have evaluated and treated over 90 percent of the cases is related to stress. Stress is probably the biggest cause of insomnia in people. Now this stress could be either work related, environment related, relationship related or even caused by short chronic illnesses. The job of an insomnia cure in these cases is to rid the person stress.
Doctors will usually prescribe sleeping pills but sleeping pills are not a percent solution to this problem. Some doctors will even go as far as prescribe drugs to eliminate stress but in many cases those can do more harm than good. The solution is to however prescribe light medication such as sleeping pills along with a recommendation to drink warm milk mixed into honey before going to bed. Warm milk is a natural remedy that eliminates all forms of stress.

Lagi, body clockwise nda tejaga, i try so many time kan prevent this, but still cant. Apa lah nasib...Ive got 3 days off before my long haul. Im expecting some appointment with other mate..

  • Sushi Dinner with Yus

  • Attending Crew Weddings

  • Porfolio photograph for a mate as well

  • Routine to Gym

Let see how's it goes...