Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I went to Singapore on the 1st September for buying the camera. Well, im planing to go back on the same day, but when thinking it was rushing, my friends offered me to stay overnight in his apartment,Indus Garden. The moment i arrived in Changi Int. Airport, i went straight to get MRT and look for Bugis Stop Station. It went smoothly,and it was raining at that time. I was holding with the map looking for Sim Lim Square. When i asked,some people nearby,they dont even know where Sim Lim Square is..Is it true? or maybe they dont even really knows where's the location is?

At last, i got the pathway on my own. I was started looking around the Orient Photo Shop. It's located on the 6th floor. When i came to the shop, the salesman were busy entertained other customers. Then,i approached this salesman with his blur and doesnt know anything. I asked for salestaff Lynn,then in few minutes, Lynn came to shop and started with our conversation. She's friendly and calm. In meanwhile waiting for my order to come,where their already put in the store, i was looking with others item. Then, this sales staff (Lynn) offered me with latest zoom lens EF-s 55-250mm 1.4-5.6 IS,it costs SGD 320 while in Brunei it cost BND 500 ++. When tested this lens its really good and furthermore had Image Stabilizer and Auto Focus. Then, i bought diffuser and Lens hood for E-58. Altogether i spent $2690SGD plus $70 for camera bag.

I think having this amount is worth it. Compare with in Brunei, there was a big diffrence when talking about the price. Furthermore, there was no rate exchange between Brunei and Singapore currency. Around 2.30pm, i went to Ochard Road and wondering around that area. I dont have any intention to buy stuff in Singapore. While, waiting for my friends to fetch me up, im having Mcdonalds at Shaw Center. Im playing with the camera and started to read the manual,but its too complicated.

After 30 minutes, Kasmani were waving his hands to me. We went straight to apartment,as he was pity seeing me bring a lot of hand carry with me. He suggested me to put the bags at his place,then have a rest at his place while waiting for breaking fast. We went to Magic Wok Restaurant situated next to Peninsula Plaza. I tell you, the food were really nice and superb. Luckily, Kasmani reserved early or else we will on the queue waiting for empty table.
We ordered Chicken Green Curry, Boneless chicken and Kangkung Sambal. And the dessert was Sago and Topioca. Yummy! Kasmani's daughther cant resist the Chicken Green Curry,at the end he finished it by her own, as we were full.

Alhamdulilah, 2 day staying in Singapore with Kasmani such a lovely and memorable stay that i will not forget. I went to Fullerton River and grab some picture with Singapore Icon animal "Lion". I took some picture and really enjoy that day. Since Kasmani car, can only use during the evening, most of the time we use bus for transport. If im alone, im sure i will be lost..hahahah..Even with the MRT also me confused. It was such a long time, i haven't enjoy this moment eversince i rejoined back as a crew,due my working patterns that hinder from me to travel. I also went to Amway Office, as Kasmani were Amway members.
But, overall it was fun. Before going to aircraft, i able to grab some Begawan Solo biscuits..

Thanks Kasmani, for your treat in Singapore, i will not forget and for sure i come again..