Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks to Pelangi Fm 91.4

This afternoon went for photo session at Jen Photo Studio for the new CD compilation that will release soon. Insyallah, it will be launching in mid November. I was not expecting my song, "Dangarkan" were been choosen by Pelangi Fm for volume 3. I was the last person who took the photo shoot. I was on standby untill 7pm. When arrived in the studio, Fauzan and Diddy were on the set waiting for the rest to finish the session and their also giving helping hand in terms of motivation during the photo shoot. During the session, Diddy encouraged me the pose look by saying " Come on Syukri, you can do it!" The whole Bruneian will know you by then after releasing this album" By itself, my mood came itself easily and the spirit of words comes alive.Frankly, I have to tell you, my interest in singing career become more and more declining after one bad rumours and gossips. As an artist, its not easy, your mentality and motivation it has to go in parallelizing with your ambitions. Once you down, to motivates to be up there, is not easy!! To be well known also not easy..to be regconition also not easy. My advice to new comers, who is eager to involves in this music industry, you have to be ready with all gossips and rumours. Hardwork and sacrifice is a key to success.
I was really awkward,as its been a decade for not having this photo session. The last time i had was during my 1st album. When i saw through the artist name list this afternoon, who involves in this project is quite top listed and well known Bruneian artist. Some of the artist who involved are, Maria,The seeds,Adirani,Bombay,Putri Norizah,Faiz, Fakhrul and other Group/Duo Band. One of my favourite group "A band Once "also involved in this project. Anyway,hopefully with this project and incoming launching soon will create more cooperation friendly given between the Bruneians artist.
I think it will be my last project with this singing career involvement,as i will more focusing and concentrate into self-family business and freelance photographer. Singing and dancing on stage, is only a hobby for me. I didn't realized, after 5 years contributing in singing career in Brunei, this is what i achieved so far. Eventhough 5 years is still new,but experience that i had, is a precious moments that i will not forget. Thanks to Phuturephase Productions Team and Jamirul Audio Production for having truthful and giving full confident to me working with you guys. To my best composer of all period of time; Joe.m and Hans Anuar,your my inspirations. Keep up the good work and keep continuing moving up music industry in Brunei.
As my nature of job, most of the time outstation and had shift hours, for me career will be my first priority in life.
Insyallah, if time permits,when everything given on chances to me in singing career in Brunei ,then i will still continue contributing in singing career. Not promise but insyallah.
I forgot to bring my Canon camera, as i thought i will not be allowed to take any personal pictures using their backdrops. Anyway,it was fun, Jerome(the camera man) is also easy going guy and fun to work with. I also turn on music in my mobile phone, just to give me some mood of emotional faces during the photo shoot. You know what? It helps to create your mood during the session.You can try.. Believe me, try it and you will see the miracles on your face. But make sure what kind of mood do you want to have. If you wanted to have a very happy and moody person,try jazz music and vice versa. The outcomes , you will be a pro look!
Last but not least, i am vey thankful to Staff of Pelangi FM and Dj's for all your supports and wisdom. Without them, i dont think, Bruneian composer will expose their ability and creativeness in lyrics and arranging songs without their effort in broadcasting on air.Pelangi fm had contibute a lot of efforts in order to upgrade Bruneian Singer to have same levels with International Artist in neighbour countries. I should thanks to Zatty, Fauzan, Diddy and the rest that not being mention their names in this blog for your kindness on eyeing the artist all the way. Hopefully and i am sure Pelangi Fm will move go further up to next step level.Go PelangiFm. We wanted to see Pelangi Fm and the rest station FM to organise an Academy Awards one day in Brunei to give full appreciation to local music industry. We wanted to see more and really thanks for all the Pelangi Fm contribute all this while.
I will see you guys on launching the CD album of compilation. Just see and will wait you guys for another episode on this project.
" Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri yang kan menjelang for PelangiFm Staff''
" Penghibur, pengerak Minda"