Friday, September 19, 2008

"MoonCake Festival"

She's one of the actrees on stage..Take a look on her make-up? its very heavy..

What a really good poisture with emotion..
This guy from China..When i took his picture,he started to give me he's business card. I couldnt understand what he's saying, but im sure he's intrested to get his picture back. He said " Excuse me, please email okayy!" Then i just nod it..hehehe
Eventhough, i dont really understand in Chinese Language,but at least with their movement and the script showmanship,still can be understood.

The crew behind the stage were really helpful just wanted to be in smooth condition during the show..

I wonder how long they make up themselves. I was sitting outside,taking some rest on the bench. Suddenly i saw this couple helping each other on painting their faces. It must be difficult. One day i wanted to learn this stage make looks cool and really out during on stage this make-up.

The instrument that use during stage performance were totally spectacular. With unique instruments, every spectators were stunned looking live to stage.

Brunei Chinese Temple, is one of the oldest building in Brunei with alot of historical behind the history. Almost 70% chinese citizen were living in Brunei Darussalam. When 1st entering the door of this Chinese Temples, i was amaze with this tiles painting. I feels that i was at ancient chinese century. I try looking this picture very carefully, but still couldnt predict behind this picture

This guy so cool...

Very Classic show..

Waiting for queue for some actions....

Acting with comedy...

Feels like watching Tv during year 50's

Singing with traditional chinese folks...

Try to get some snap shoot here...


Adjusting Stage Lights

peeping from side stage..

Sehabis saja sungkai,kul 7.15pm, aku ke Chinese Temple di Bandar. Kelihatan cuaca diwaktu malam, disambung dengan neon lampu yang bergemelapan,memang mengindahkan lagi suasana pada waktu malam atu. Aku melihat,banyak jua rakyat china yang disana bersembahyang..The story begins:

"According to another legend, on this day the "Man in the Moon" was spotted at an inn, carrying a writing tablet. When questioned, he said he was recording the names of all the happy couples who were fated to marry and live happily forever after.
Accordingly, just as June is the traditional month for exchanging nuptials in the west, many Chinese weddings are held during the eighth lunar month, with the fifteenth day being the most popular.Of course, the most famous legend surrounding the Moon festival concerns its possible role in Chinese history.
Overrun by the Mongols in the thirteenth century, the Chinese threw off their oppressors in 1368 AD.
It is said that mooncakes - which the Mongols did not eat - were the perfect vehicle for hiding and passing along plans for the rebellion. Families were instructed not to eat the mooncakes until the day of the moon festival, which is when the rebellion took place.
(In another version plans were passed along in mooncakes over several years of Mid-Autumn festivals, but the basic idea is the same)."