Saturday, September 20, 2008


Last night i slept very late and continuing my sahur around 3.30am. I had change my sleeping direction not directly to
south" but south west. According to fengshui articles,for my birth Horse year,it is not good sleeping with my head direction towards south. But, i try it first tonight.

But suddenly, i dreamt bad last night. I dream holding a baby boy. But,after i hold it, the baby turns became a long black snake. You know what i did? I grab the snake and i felt really cold. I threw it away, and ran for my life. I was so panicked and looking for a higher ground, so that,snake wont able to climb.
Unfortunately, the snake climb and guess what?? It turns become a human being. I still remembered how the face look like. Unfimiliar faces but the description about him is; age 20-30,average body, short hair and the face abit plum. The young guy starting throwing things to me,but i managed grabbed the things without hurting myself. This part is funny;. He threw iron board,chair,tables,laptop,washing machine (hahahahah) and axe. The axe i couldn't grab it,but instead i avoid it by bending down my body.

When i starred at him, i tried to throw the things back to him, but he vanished! Then i awoke and it was 1pm..huh! I was late..I am planning to renew my licence car today but its too late. The Post Office close 2pm. I will do it on Monday...Hopefully, its just a dream, but somehow ,the prediction in Islam view,it is not a good sign. I just pray to Allah, hopefully nothing bad happens..Jauhpalis..

But before i dream this, i dream went to graveyard..subahanallah..

" Apakah petanda di belakang erti mimpi ini?" Ya Allah jauhkan lah ku segala anasir-anasir yang tidak diingini..lindungilah hambamu ani" amin