Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today 27th Aug, I went to hospital around 0715am. It was a lovely day, but not for me. I was waiting for my queue to be called up. The 1st patient was already at Operation Theater. While waiting, in the ward 6, I saw couple of my friends being admitted. The other friend was Nordin. He was having appendix. According to him, appendix was already burst and the Doctor was wrongly diagnosis. But it came seriously after it was been X-rayed. The other friends (couldn’t remember his name) had an accident yesterday. He use to be, my ex-classmate during our evening class last 2 years. He just bought a new car Hyundai Tucson this year, but he got an accident at Jalan Lambak Kanan. Now his working with the government sector. At first met, I was not recognized him, because the skin is fairer than before. The last time I saw her, was dark skin, but now different.
Around 10am, at last my name being called up for the next queue. I was been given penicillin injection before operation. The effect of penicillin is to reduce the nerve and to get more relaxing. I was asked to undress and wear their pajamas. Not even wearing underwear as well. The nurse and the doctor were friendly. I was so proud as part of the citizen in Brunei, where Medical Fees in Brunei for citizenship were free. The only time u needs to pay is during registration which cost only for $1.00. Where else other countries having this good facilities.

Now, I’m recovered from the operation. After awake from aesthetic, I felt pain and I only can eat after 4 hours, which is 4pm. I was having fasting since 12midnight till 4pm. I was so damn hungry. My sister in law, brothers, sister and my mom were here during my operation. It still pain but not thinking too much. Insyallah, if already cure I will going to Singapore buying my Canon Camera. I already make a quote with the store and it’s valid for one week. Hopefully I’m fully recovered. Aminn…….