Sunday, August 24, 2008


Finally, last Saturday night was the events. Starting Dry Run around 3pm and the stage setting up finish in the morning, except the Live Band. A day i was so tired and moody due to person in-charge in Entertainment. Really unorganised and inexperience. I was thought this will be the first and the last for having this charity event performance..! But,even though, i was so tired, the rest of the team were really enthusiastic. The night on the show, were heavily raining. The Qaf members group were ready. RBA team is the only group perform traditional Pop genre that night. I was expecting to be formal, but unfortunately informal and the other group were singing their modern song. Huh! what a concept were that night. I could see, some QAF members were drunk in front of Pengiran Anak Muda Abdul Qawi. The members of the QAF staff were really annoying until their were playing with the swimming pool just in front of their management. And myself also performing, but no one took my picture at that time, and it was raining. The stage were set up outdoor and the stage were so cramps small. I was wearing white suite. I can see others were enjoying my 50's song " GETARAN JIWA". It was slow genre but yet classic! hahaha

At 5.30pm i started make up my team and the dancers were also preparing their dress. We were hungry and so damn tired. We were asked to eat with the others at the poolside but we were ashamed as our already dress up,furthermore it was heavily raining. So, we planned eat after the show. I took some of the picture during the Dry Run. I couldn't managed to take during the event as i was so damn busy queueing the show. Enjoice..