Friday, August 8, 2008


Last night, i made a BBQ at my place. I did contact all my friends (in my mobile phone list) but the only friends that showed up is durang Milin,Birin,Joe.M,and Harmi. The other friends, Ada yang sibuk and ada yang be"plan" udah. The rest, nada reply. Biar tia,ada sedikit mengecik jua hati ani,pasal sedikit pun my sms nda kana reply. Huh! ngalih ku udah..aku pun inda tau kenapa. But it was fun sama durang, at least terubat jua my boreng.
Tonight, i just back from Hongkong flight. I am waiting drama sitcom at layar ria title "SUTUN" I saw the trailer at astro ria yesterday night. It's all about young boy teenagers is gay. His attitude is really like a young girl. You have to see this drama,its really entertained but yet very sad at the end of the movie. Hehehehe...
Im really tired and tomorrow im doing stanby tomorrow morning.
See u

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