Saturday, August 30, 2008


Last night went to escapade. Actually, it was unplanned. Wanted to go to Redzky's place for farewell function but due to unforeseen circumstances which cant be avoided. It was late in the evening, Chico called me up and wanted to go out. It was little raining showers and end up we plannned to go for sushi. Luckily, when we came, there is an empty table. We took the one front table bar, just for a change. Nothing much last night, we just talked and me and chico havent met each other since our function in Rizqun. Everyone is buzy with their own committment. Redzky'z couldnt joined us, as he was buzy with his family function, which i think almost midnight. Around 2300pm then we went back and me myself had to do some script for tongiht event for the MC hosting. A lot of charitable work this month, but well, this is the time. Hopefully went smoothly..Amin...

p/s: Not very clear pic, as im using mobile to grab some pic..