Thursday, July 10, 2008


This afternoon went to Pantai Muara, grab some picture. Nothing to do, went for outdoor sightseeing, and furthermore weather around 2pm just nice! Pantai Muara now,had been renovated last 2 years. I was so amazed with the scenery this afternoon. During my childhood, this areas were sucks and no public toilets available. But now, more facilities were had built just for the connivance for people. More clean and more landscaping were involve. The children now, can play more varieties of games and more hut were built for people to get rest. How i wish, i can turn the time and enjoy these facilities.

Then, went to Gdg,Batu Besurat and Batu Satu. I'm searching for external flash and zoom lens for my camera. I hardly find the model i need to look for. I'm looking for Canon Speed lite220ex Flash, but these items were not being sold. The only flash i found is 580Ex which cost $700 above. So damn expensive..At 5pm, i went to my old school; Sharif Ali Secondary School. Since 1991 till 1995 i had been educated from this school. As i arrive in front of the gate, i saw students playing Basketball. I left the school 12 years ago and the school were more better than during my time. Everything were there! Run tracks , badminton court and lots of things had been built. I go wandering around in front of the drop off students. I was smiling to myself and everything were flashback automatically in my mind. Huh! I miss my old classmate, i wish i can set up a reunion party one day. Where are they? Are they still single or married or perhaps have a kids??

Oh my god, i become old and i didn't realise, my age touch 30 years old. Imagine, i left school, went i was 18 years old and start my job as Flight Attendant in 1996. My goodness, what was happening to me and my life? well, lets go with the flow. One day, i wish i wanted to go to Shariff Ali School and have look, especially where we use to hangout during break time. I cant forget my old best friend Redzky Fadzillah (still in contact) where we use get old the memories from this school. For your info, both of us the 1st male students who entering Cooking Class in extra co-curriculum activities. No one can beat us! heheh

It almost 6pm, its time for me to go back. I feel so sad and touch for come and visit my old school.How i wish i can turn the time and do the best for my academic qualifications. Well, things is already passed. Now, I'm battling my life for my career as Flight Attendant.

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