Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Mentor Photographer Saiful Nang

Look at this picture! it superb! He went to Paris for vacation. Syukriz suka karya Saiful Nang. We use to contact each other through website only. I tell u he's my sifu!
This is his profile, i grab from his blog:-
I’m a wedding photographer and I’m proud to be a Wedding photographer. 4 years ago, when I was about to venture into this career, 1 professional photographer told me…”Hmmm wedding?? it can’t go anywhere bro”. And because of that, I’m what I’m now. Work with passion is a life wonder. I love wedding that’s why I’m a wedding photographer.
Passion is the best cure for those having problem to wake-up in the morning everyday. I have 1000 more reasons to wake-up in the morning and do something i really love to do. I have very fantastic life (at least from my own point of view), lovely wife and well…upon writing this we’re still waiting for our princess to be born this August 2008.
Part of being a photographer, my wife and I have very strong passion in traveling. At the age where some of us putting a lot of money for their LV, Prada and lot more boutique accessories…we prefer to invest our money to see the whole world. At the age of 29, I already explored most of the “Must-go” cities on the earth.
For some people that really love to hear my story from the beginning until now from, now I continue to share my day to day life here. With you…who support my entire career in wedding photography.
Saiful Nang
FAQ to Saiful Nang
What type of camera you’re using?
I’m a happy user of Canon brand. Switched from Nikon gang almost 2 years ago. Currently I’m using Canon 5D as the main body and Canon 30D as my backup body.
Why Canon?
I’m so much happy with the after sales service. In Canon a wedding photographer can be treated as a professional. Hence, we enjoy the CPS (Canon Professional Services). Further, the range of lenses that Canon have is wonderful.
What lens do u have?
I’m using 2 lenses at all time. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 & Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
Mac or PC?
We’re using 70% Mac and 30% PC in our office. Last year it was 100% PC. We are shifting towards 100% Mac in 2009.
How old are u?
I’m 29 and married
Who took your wedding pictures?
I trust no one except my own photographer.CandidSyndrome photographes photographed my wedding and I’m so happy with that. They are the best that I ever known (so far in Malaysia) hehehe
Can I tag along with you in a wedding?
No, we have to comply into a few standard and ethique in order to maintain our clean rapport among customers. New people in a team sometime will break the law that make us look so lousy and crappy (e.g smooking in a wedding). Only for some cases we allowed the tagger. That’s after some induction briefing.
Do u plan to expand your team from 6 to more seniors?
Quality does matter, not quantity. Hence, we don’t feel so eager to expand drastically. But we have 2nd team we called Junior team. They are not available in the wedding package but assisting seniors in wedding assignments.
I’m a beginner, can I have 1 to 1 training?
I only train my photographer in CandidSyndrome (My official team), for those who wish to learn about photography, kindly browse .That’s where I shared a lot of things. I received not less than 20 emails a day asking for advice in photography. 60% of the questions are repeating. Hence, I just answer once in and everyone can read.
How many staff in CandidSyndrome?
Currently we have 9 fulltimers in different specialization. The number is growing.
As the founder you’re rich enuff to hold a camera. Do u still shooting wedding on your own?
Absolutely I still take photo on my own. If customer already pick me for their wedding, I’ll be the one that shoot their wedding, not my boys. Nobody can overwrite it, even if I have another celebrity wedding in line. If customers have chosen my photographers to shoot, then my photographers will shoot their wedding and not me.
How many country have u been for photography assignment?
95% of my passports stamped just for photography assignment. I’ve reached 4 out of 5 continents on the earth. Some of the cities are London, Paris, Dublin, Jakarta, Bali, Machester, Venice, Rome, Firenze, Pisa, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Bandar Seri begawan, Phuket, Pattaya, Riyadh, Dubai, Alexandria, Cairo, Melbourne, Mumbai and a lot more. If I add with my team (CandidSyndrome) footsteps…simply multiply this triple.
What is your qualification in Academic?
I’m a Bachelor Degree holder in Media. (B.Sc (media)(Hons) Film & Animation, MMU).
What is your speaking language?
English & Malay
What was your first gear?
A Nikon D70 with 50mm lens. No flash, borrowed kit lens. Very minimal start-up
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Saiful Nang said...

thanks bro. Thanks for the nice words. Good luck!

Syukriz said...

No worries saiful my mentor all the time..