Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I went to Auckland on duty flight BI071. Damn its tiring! Before went for this flight, i'm dreaming of 4 digit number, still vividly fresh in my mind 3299. I was dreaming during landing in Brunei, when, my eyes were shutted in few minutes. And the next day, i was dreaming of number "9" on pressing fax number. On the day, i arrive in Aucklang 1st July, i am declaring some food entering in New Zealand, unfortunately, when i;m about to open my Cargo Bag, suddenly, my combination number,cant open. I was panicked, and the inspection officer were helpful for getting some torch light to see weather my combination number were correct on not.
Dengan kuasa tuhan, aku membaca kalimah, pasalnya, my colleague were waiting in the bus. Kecuali aku saja, yang masih durang tunggu. When i try to, turn and turn up the numbers, suddenly, inda semana2 my cargo bag were open and the number is "029" and my staff number were actually 2297. Dari sana tah syukriz realize yang selama ani, syukriz didatangi dengan numbur 9. Sampai saja di hotel, to get our keys, luckily my room number is 1219. Oh my God! Im shocking suprise!!! Aku sampai bibiran arah my colleague,until ku suruh tikam that number, tapi my colleague ani bukan kaki judi..heheeh

The next morning, went to airport to depart to Brunei. U know what, the gate departure that we all entered was Gate no: "9". And there was announcement flight Air New Zealang to Christchurch flt AZ999 at the same time that had been annouced to remind passengers on lastcall through Public Announcement. Syukriz berfikir, why this number were suddenly out in front of my eyes? Furthermore, "9" is my lucky number. Even my Plat licence car number were started from number '9'. Even my mobile number, were started with number '9'. If its in Feng Shui by Lilian Too, number 9 were the lucky heavens number for this year till period 8.

Tapi Syukriz inda jua percaya banar, tapi kenapa? Adakah ianya satu tanda baik atau buruk? Syukriz harap ianya adalah petanda baik..AAAmmmmiiinnnnn...Below were some photos i took in Auckland, and the model were Nurhairi Cabin Crew. Ada kelas!!!

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