Monday, June 9, 2008


Tonight, this is my 1st solo flight to MNL ( Manila), my reporting time is 1825LT. Seems to be okay. The flight were full out and comin back sector. It went smoothly, it was heavy raining and thunderstorm from Brunei start from 7pm onwards. Pax were boarding as usual and start looking for thier respective seat that shown from the boarding pass. While, im busy preparing and dividing the trays at the aft galley. Luckily, nowadays, we not doing the headcount, or else it will troublesome for me to do it. During cruising, flight BI 687, quite bumpy and pax were stubornly went to CR ( comfort room) during the seatbelt sign is switching ON. We have to be firm, as safety of pax is responsible on our hands.

On coming back sector flight BI688, refreshment were served. This time, im inserting the meals onground to get sufficient time during service after take off. Alhamdulilah, it went smoothly and pax were very happy at the end of the flights. The crew seems to be have a good enviroment and professionally. Problems seems to be vanished from my mind from day to day. But of course, during on the way back to office for debriefing, still got some crew were talking this story regarding my promotion and the rest. Well, when this story will finish and vanish? Until im resign? OMG, please avoid this story. Sungguh besar dugaan Tuhan kepada umatnya.

Aku hanya berdoa, agar tuhan kuatkan hatiku, dan memperkuat kan semangatku. Aminnn....



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