Saturday, June 7, 2008


I just finish my line training today and its begin and end up smoothly. The checker were okay..But at the same time, there was SNY galley stewardess at that time. I was not being giving helping hand, but anyhow,i've got a person with same position with me. We discussing each other regarding the service. The checker were not very approachable towards his duties. Serupa tak Bikin! But syukriez sabar saja, dan kriz percaya ani adalah dugaan yang datang daripada Tuhan. Syukriez terasa, tadi, as i was not being fully attention tadi,tapi biarlah. Asal Syukriez ikhlas bekeraja demi company dan penumpang2 tadi. Syukriz malas dan lelah sudah memikirkan hal remeh temeh ani. Sukriz kecewa dan the only i can talk just now is my mom. My mom reassure to be patient and strong willing as this only the beginning.

Not everday we having a sweet day, there are certain day, that we need to face this problem. Hidup adalah seperti roda. I believe that! I hope this will be the end of my life story behind the scenes. Tuhan sentiasa berpihak kepada sesiapa yang teraniaya. Ngalih ku sudah banarnya. But i have to be strong...



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