Saturday, June 14, 2008


Tonight my family having meeting Barter Wallet Cash Meeting, which will include all the profit in exchanging trade, which will cost u more profit than u ever expected. The meeting were started at 8pmby Mr Y. H Tee CEO of Barter Wallet Trade Company. He's explaining regarding the profit of this methods. All the participants were very keen in knowing this new ideas of investing things by exchanging products. More regarding this, can be read through Here are some of the pictures that being taken during the meeting. The meeting were begin with refreshment service buffet with sponsor by Burhani Catering. Anyone who intrested may contact through me or visit the website.

The venue of the meeting is held at Teratak Kapok, Jln Muara.




eburg306 said...

cilaka betul la batertrade ni,aku buat wtthdrawal dari 2/6/08,sampai sekarang ni belum bayar lagi...sekarang dah 5/7/08 satu bulan lebih ooo...ini satu penipuan....

Syukriz said...

ohhh..iya ke?