Monday, August 3, 2009

Anugerah Pelangi 2008-2009

Tq Pelangi for choosing me as nomination " Vokal Lelaki Terbaik". I need your support for being as finalist and voted me on Anugerah Pelangi 2008-2009 at Media Permata and Borneo Bulletin.

Become an artist bruneian is not easy. Starting with auditions, competitions and performers. Criticsism and gossip have to be strong mentally and physically. After 6 years become as entertainer performer in this industry, having this nomination is an honour as "BEST MALE VOCALIST". for me is as step up to be here..Well good luck with the rest jua...hopefully will do the best. Voted is in your hand. Biar Tuhan menentu segala perancangnya..

Vote me on Anugerah Pelangi 2008-2009 at Local newspaper...