Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a quick one!

Today lalah eyh, just got back from package flights BWN-SUB-BWN-KUL-BWN. Imagine 4 sector to do today. Total hours is 12 hours. Sekali nya i was ammended to LHR tomorrow. Padahal baru jua this 29th, kana bari OFF day. On the 13th July aku ada LHR lagi..Kadang2 mbari sanak jua flying ani, tapi i take it as positive matter pulang. At least i dont spent my money in Brunei. Now, im planning to go to Trafalgar Square in LHR, took some picture, maybe at Buckingham Palace or maybe at River Thames. I should go, as this only comes once...Cos we got shuttle bus at our new hotel. So, i would't miss this chance, or perhaps i wanted to take some underground tubes..we'll see how could i manage,insyallah, kalau sihat walafiat jua..mesti ku lengkap my camera gear.. UK here i come........!!!!!