Friday, June 5, 2009

Harun Gym's

I went to Harun gym sama hj iskandar. My program arh fitness zone still in progress and trainer nya off day. My 1st day sama hj Iskandar really tough day, as he really pushes me to maximum till both arm were numb. Lifting aint enough, u need to have strong mentalities and high spirit to do this..after 1 hour 30 minutes working outs, my both arms were abit limp and numb. According to him, its to strengthens at forearms. Then i went for a swim tadi. Ramai eyh di anggrek ahh,until cannot swim bah..ia jua kanak2 training swimming, dan ianya jua tempat public swimming. I felt so mcm sampit and no enough space for me to swim. Lagipun tangan ku sangal bah..i think 30 minutes saja kali ku,then after that naik, mandi and straight home.
Nothing to do drumah actually, nganya surfing and checking FB updates..Esuk mlm si Dr Yusri birthday and i was invited to his party. Nah, mencari present nya lagi nie. Apa baik kan dibari ahh..i bet i wanted to give Feng Shui stuff from JT888..still pain lah my arms, i already take protein to recover my muscle pain. Now my weight is 66kg, my target is 70kg..can i do that?
Today i play :
  • Bench Press
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Decline Bench Press
  • Pac Fly
  • Bar Bell Biceps Curl
  • Single Dumbell Biceps

I was given 15 reps with 4 sets!!