Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Business Talk

What a knowledge night i had tadi with a friends di wywy lambak. Actually, lama dah i wanted to set up my own business. Sebenarnya, last week, i was thinking to open up business, tapi i was so unsure on how financially planning. Mind you, setting up business without any proper document and knowledge could lead to bankruptcy with no point. Ceritanya, tadi it was unplanned. I went to my friends house di lambak, melawat ia sakit. Masa kami becerita atu, ia been invited to celebrated his friends small gathering. Frankly, i dont have any ideas who the hell the friends yang celebrate birthday ani. So, aku turut saja mengikut.
Yang calinya, durang membawa meliat wayang di Qlap Mall, cerita Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak,which aku sudah meliat!. Since kana belanja, so ku teruskan tah jua. Abis kami meliat wayang atu,then kawannya yang bday boi ani membawa makan di Wywy Lambak. After an hour chit chatting about life, suddenly,my friends ani membagi tau hal regarding ia punya business. At the same time, i was listening with their conversation atu. Sekalinya, keluar tah cerita on "how to set a good Business". Actually, the person who deliver the speech, was an officer Financial Planner di bank Taib. (Birthday Boy). Sorry, i cant mention his name, cos, he well known on coporate financial Planner in Brunei. Walaupun diliat dari segi physicalnya ia lambut but his mind were really business minded and very convincing.
I was so intrested when actually his talking about this business set up. He gives me a tip on how to survive and setting up a good business. Cukup dengan example amount he explained to us. Tapi yang intrested banar obviously aku!..He really got experienced in consulting a cooporate company;such as; Sabli Company,Hua Ho Sdn Bhd,Malai Mashor Company and BMC PLC.
Well i tell u, u cant believe,ia punya age were same as mine 31. Tapi utak mcm umur 40an. I think telampau banyak begaul kali sama urg beumur. I think after 2 hours talk about this business nowhere,then we starting to go home as its already past midnight. Furthermore, some of us need to go work early morning,including him. Sampat ku minta his phone number just incase i need his advice for futher options. Jadi kawan rapat ku pulang arahnya....hehehehe...
Well, anyway, wish him all the best and Happy Bday, may Allah bless him ith more prosperity and wealth..amin
Terima Kasih Tuhan memberi petunjuk jalan yang sebenar...Amin...