Thursday, May 7, 2009

Transformasi...Edition 2

This door will lead to my kitchen..

While this door connected to my bedroom..

This is front view, sorry balum lagi tekamas..sal sibuk saja keraja minggu2 ani..

This is my center piece east side. Poster were given by shafiee bought from Singapore.
Actually this room were very the classic style. Mula2 paning jua kepala mikirkan warna cat, as i need to match with the old like type tiles. Mun murah rezeki, gerenti kan ku flooring ni. But not now! Balum lagi ku tersusun barang, but i try to get it done as soon as possible..Wall feature were coloured grey get inspiration from Fengshui master again. I havent decide what should i hang on it, but yet, i need to put some picture that most extra the boom..