Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Evening

Last night, it went smoothly,when the parents of Saiful (Yuhanis Fiance) came home for discussing on the date of their wedding and other ceremony.We didn't expect and only small chat gathering. At the same time, i also have a photo shoot for a friend, who is really keen to get their own for their own profile. I use only little budgeting home studio and a bit of lighthing here and there. Started from 8pm till 11pm. It was fun dan siuk berabis lah. My tonsil ani kurang sudah, tinggal sikit saja, nganya i cant drink yang manis and makan yang padas! Iatah berpantang dalam dua minggu ani dulu. Terpaksa talan air liur dulu. Nothing much jua semalam atu, cos, i was on sick leave jua. Today off for 4 days followed by Perth nightstop coming this 18th kali. Counting my days, nda lagi batah im reach to thirty-one. Oh gosh! makin tua tah ku nie..heheh..anyway life have to go on.Now above picture that had been taken last night. Enjoice.