Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dear bloggers and Eye Readers,
Thank you for the greetings from the post comment. I really appreciated..Hopefully this year will bring us the prosperity and bless for all of us. TQ to my parents and family, for being supported all this time. Inda kerasan, umur pun makin menyacah ke angka 3...Makin jauh perjalanan di tempuh makin jauh juga perjalanan ku hadapi dengan pengajaran. Mudahan saja, yang di tempuh dengan sempurna..This year a lot of changes need to change.. This include renovating my room..hmmmtapi perlahan2 lah saja..ada duit, tambah..but the most important things is to tile my floor dulu and the rest i can do by myself..TQ to Redzky, my very best close friends on earth.. Kalau ko di Brunei, hmm for sure we got a lot of thing to talk buddy. But, biar ia concentrate with his studies. Hopefully he also success. aminx3. Im sure and believe he can do 101% percent aku guarantee..Ding!! hehehehe
Nothing much for today..will have small gathering with friends saja dulu. And by the end of month May will celebrate together with my sister on family gathering. To my beloved sister in Law, Dk Hjh Norashidah, Happy Belated Birthday..heheh sorry lambat wish due busy saja bah!! Hopefully success as well and prosperity always comes to you and your beloved family..And not to forget belated wishes to Dk Norafidah, stay cool and happy always with husband and the rest of the family..See you..