Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What a world jua bnr ah..!!Today i met my long lost friend name Ashri..Si redzky tau ni this person we same in one class before in year 92, in form 2 kali. After we chit chatting after 1 hour, inda semana2, tekeluar tah cerita pasa fitness anie..Actually..andang batah sudah aku mau proper guidance on building up muscle and toning up my body tapi aku malas,but eversince i bought this supplement, barang ani makin menjadi2. I could see banyak perbezaan on my structure of my body. Sakit muscle atu biasa lah, but the shape of the muscle can be a little bit seen. I was so skinny before,langsung nada muscle. Ani bah! ya rabbi..naik pulang badan ku ani.
Then si Ashri ani ada membawa brochure Fitness Zone club. It quite intresting to join, but of course MAHAL..tapi berbaloi!! I know nowadays, byk gym and fitness studio offering some cheap walk-in payments but what for you go in, if you dont have any proper guidance that who really knows about it. Usually i go to the gym with Nasir, pasal ia menunjukan teknik2 on working out yang lurus!! i didnt know when grabbing iron dumbell, have proper handle, rupanya ada. Tapi once u know, walau pun sekajap workout the results will be blasts off,only if you know the techniques. When this promoter approaches me, he then gave me some product knowledge as well the benefit become of the membership. Siapa inda tahan iman, memang terpedaya.. Now, they have promotion for 1 to 2 prices. Means that more lesser pricer will be offered if you join with 2 person. I couldnt remeber the plan of the prices but for one person yearly pay for $500 only!! The equipment that you use unlimited and additional some facilities.
Well, what do you think?? berbaloi..? rather than we go to other gym costs every walk in is $5.00 without proper training..Cana ah!! hmmm bepikir ku kali ulehnya..kalau di fitness zone ani byk lagi equipment nya..and mcm2 lagi ada programnya bah..Or else i just go the normal gym. I better think about this, liat lah apa respons from others..
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