Sunday, March 1, 2009

LEAVE started...

Hye, i just got back from Brisbane last few days.. im quite busy to update the blog, due fitness..hmmm..antah ahh..knapa ia kah? perasahanku, mun ku inda jogging or either swimming within 1 day atu, i feel sick and unhealthy. Today i spent 4 hours. Starting 1pm at the gym playing dumbell,torso,pushup and sit-up. Then at 2pm, joging at Tanah Jambu as usual, and finish at 3.30pm. At 4pm, swimming 8 laps..huh!! tapi inda jua ku ngalih ah..knapa ia kah..and finish at 6pm..i think i drink that supplement kali..

Then i went to Book Fair di Stadium Tertutup di Berakas alone, mliat and cuci mata. Tapi at last terjumpa ku this FengShui book for Horse 2009. Tarus tah ku bali which cost $11.90. For me, i never miss to buy this book,every year aku misti membali..Ani baru ku tejamah memigang this lappy..

To be continue tomorrow...See you..