Monday, February 9, 2009


At last i received miracle today, but let it as a secret! hehe Last night, aku mimpi memakai mahkota emas, bangun saja dari tidur, i knew it, ada meaning from this mimpi. Well, it happens..

Alhamdulilah, dengan tabah, kerja keras sama membangalkan telinga akhir nya dapat jua ku lalui dengan tenang. Where are the people who is hypocrisy and backstabbers? hopefully they learnt from their lessons. I bet they will regret what have their done.

Quite number of people talking about office politics and management! For me i dun have any comments about this. Sana sini people cakap pasal him e.g bonuses, increment, complaints,unsatisfied and promotions. All of these, nearly everyday i heard! None of them were happy..But, im focusing to get my mindset in positive way. For me,its easy, the only way for me untuk menaikan semangat, is thinking the 1st day i got my job! Setelah susah payah kan masuk, this is what i acheived. Walaupun people complaining here and there, but obviously, i gain alot of experience entire my jobs in 13 years.

Im trying to get this stuff from Fengshui stuff namely " Nine rank Badges". should i or should not? Or im thinking to buy Nokia Mobile phone 7100 yang murah saja..Or perhaps Split unit aircond..hmm my aircond atu bising bunyinya and tua udah..cna ah? Nantitah mikirkan....