Monday, January 19, 2009

Recurrent Test DAY 1

I woke up at 6am,hujan balum beranti dari semalam. Akhir ku tidur sampai kul 4am. Uri kali? Well, dalam class inda jua ku mengantuk. It might be my coffee yang ku bawa makai tumas atu kali.hehhehe.. Well lets me summerize all topic had been covered this morning seawal 8am training.
  • Review SEP manual and ammendments
  • We were watching Fire Fighting Drill on video
  • We reviewing our Generic Question, which includes; Company Policies,Emergency Landing,Decompression, Fire Fighting Procedures and Portable Equipement in Aircraft.
  • Then Exam 50 multiply choice question and i got 98% marks for my exam..Not bad...
  • Lunch Break till 1315lt
  • Aircraft Specific Boeing 767 and location of equipment
  • Exam and location again i got 96% for this Boeing 767-300 Exam
  • Aircraft Specific Airbus319/320 and location of equipment
  • Exam and location again i got 98% for my Airbus Exam and Location

We also learning Conflict Management Training. This training teach us on how to handle abusive and disruptive passengers onboard (Maksudnya cara-cara handling passengers yang hijackers dan yang ganas atu jua)Huhu..Ngalih ada jua but well its fun. I regret for not taking picture this morning pasal lupa ku membawa my camera. Well, tomorrow will be CRM Course ( Crew Resources Management) where how to communicate with foreign pilots and how well being and comfort to communicate with them. This is a vital subject;where we need to make a coversation and communication during Emergency and Safety related issues.

And we also having practical tomorrow by using slideraft. Where the scenarios aircraft crash into the sea. Here, we all will practising on how we survive on open sea and giving medical treatment..Then follow up my blog..heheheh