Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Minute Called up

I was being called up last minute to Auckland last two days. It was unexpected, pasal i thought, i was called up for regional sector saja, rupanya long-haul. Luckily, i was prepared packing my stuff before my standby. Walaupun rasa badan macam inda baik, but i accept saja that flight. The only way, i relieve my pain and nerve is to consume panadol 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours. But, then after arrive in Auckland, things get better and better... Alhamdulilah.rezeki jua kali ah..this is the time i wanted to spend my allowance and pampering myself. All this while, asalkan membali, talan air liur dan fikir dua kali..Lega rasanya membali barang yang ku mau..hehehe.

Yesterday, arrived from Auckland i received an ammendment roster from rostering section. When looked through my roster, i was given Auckland again!! Suka banar jua durang ani membari aku..well, ku terima saja. I should think of flying hours and allowances masa ani again and again..Money comes first. Tomorrow i get to servicing my car at 10am..This afternoon, membayar segala utang, as usual credit card,kereta, and etc. Routine job i think for every month..Hopefully abis tah my debt anie as soon as possible..When will be miracle come?? Focus..focus...