Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

On duty tonight on Christmas Day..i wonder how's Redzky celebrating in London..Im waiting him to grab picture in London during Christmas Day. Urang lain bebonus, diri tahan air liur saja. Dah nasib, apa buleh buat..Some people, keluar makan, meliat wayang, and etc. While me, i had to limit my self on spending unnecessary things. Mana yang important saja.
Its ok! biar tia bersusah-susah dahulu, mana tau rezeki Tuhan hari lain tani sanang. To my colleague in one roof with same department,bawa sabar saja, mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya.
Memang didunia ani, inda sama perjalanan manusia. Ada yang kaya, ada yang sanang, susah, dan macam-macam lagi. But, i believe one day,what goes round comes around. Im planing to renewing my insurance car, might be this week. But, let the goverment servant settle their enjoyment first then continue with the payment. Baru sanang beurusan di bank. Lain lagi kan servicing kereta..oh gosh!! I might selling my car maybe next year.
Mudahan jua ada yang sanggup menyambung bank for 4 years lagi. I have to lease it, where i need to save all my banking account before 2012. Meaning to say, i've got 3 years settling all this debts on personal loan. Enough is enough with this loan,its really tightening me up with my future plan saving.
Out there, you better save money for your own living. Need to save for any speculative plan just incase something come out unexpectedly. For me, tahan saja air liur for enjoyness till march 2009.
Cause, i have got plan in March. Mudahan me sihat walafiat so that i can work without Sick leave. Harapkan kan flying allowance and nightstop allowances. Nowadays, nightstop allowances pun ina seberapa banyak. I wish i have any part time job to earn more. No money no talk dude!!!!.... Any to those who celebrating, Merry Christmas and a happy new Years 2009.. What is your resolution?
  1. To make your parents happy?
  2. Save more budget?
  3. Targeting for promotion?
  4. Buying new and executive your dream car?
  5. Kawin?
  6. Banyakkan sembahyang dan beramal?
  7. Low profile?
  8. Inda mau masuk campur hal urang?
  9. Refinancing your budget for year 2009?
  10. Looking for new prospect and new career?

What ever is your resolution is, hopefully you get it.. We have 1 week to celebrate for the countdown celebration for new year. Who will might be i'm celebrating this new year? we'll look and see..Or else seperti biasa celebrating sorang-sorang saja sambil meliat astro..