Sunday, October 5, 2008

4th Day Raya

I didn't get much hooked up with the others visiting friends. I don't know why!? The only place i visited last couples of day was my cousins behind our place and Mus's frens house in Kilanas. That's it and the end.I don't even get a mood this year. Even my mom hardly visited to others due his ankle still in swollen and need much more rest. I have to keep on eye to my parents,as no one in the house.Planning out with friends this afternoon, but he's not feeling well. So, waiting tick toking bell of the door just wait and see who is visiting,but not interested. Tomorrow will start working again. Just starring at TV waiting for interesting movies and melodrama. That's my routine day..owh! and out to my parent's house, still quiet. No changes. See you guys..I'm waiting to go to Brisbane this 11th. I think i more much happier there rather in Brunei A least i got some activities in outing photograph..I guess so!! heheheh