Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To Azizie

Mother Lita and Anchik..Posing..
Makan kek ramai-ramai..

His dad inda suka ni,this cake pasal " Snoopy". Tapi last minute punya pasal antam saja tia..Si anchik pun malu tah jua..inda mau di gambar. Maklum kan sudah bujang..

I didn't realize when my sister in law making a little suprise for his son, Azizie (anchik) . Not really sure in what year he born as too many niece and nephews to remember. I went out to Muzaffar house in Lambak for a small sungkai gathering at his place. Around 1715pm went to Lambak food stalls to buy some food for breaking fast. I didn't look many hawkers selling in those areas, but there was one place got to my attention. We bought some fried bananas fritters,yam and popias. While waiting to take away, there was a sound of car horned several times gave me a hinted sign to get my attention. I turned my head to have a look. I couldnt hardly see,when a driver gave a waving sign to me in his van. I thought he might be waving hands to a wrong person. It took me 3 times turned my head and look on what was going on. I asked Mus to double check,it either me or the other person in front of me.

" Dang, kau tu kana panggil ah!!" said Mus. I started approached to that van, when suddenly, i saw a guy tilted his head a bit out from his car window with his wife. Hj Sukri kah nie?" he said. "Awu, siapa kan?!" i said. " Aku bah, Si Aziz 944"...

What!! i thought who!!..Rupa-rupanya, hmmm my " Co-X- long lost friend". I blushed and gave a strong sweet smile to him. He still the same. I didn't realize that was his wife standing besides me waiting for her tapau. Automatically, memories flashed back in year 2001. He used to be my ... year ago. hmmm..what a day..

Went back to my car and smiling to myself. Wow! i couldn't believed , he still remember me..I didn't manage to shook hand with him. Barangkali ia malu kali..hehehe....Besides, it was late jua bah, half an hour about to break the fast. Just in case he looking into my blog (bila jua) wish u Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Dzahir Dan Bhatin with your beloved family.