Sunday, August 3, 2008


This morning i woke up around 0730am and went to Boustead for Major servicing. I had make an appointment last two weeks. Then, i left my car and let the servicing men do their duties. Went to Seri Kiantan for breakfast and it turn to sour.(Not to mentioned as too personal). I called Dr Hj Faroouk to see him, as he promised to see my diagnosis last week. Its still there, but he assume its getting better. But, i didnt see any improvement. Very hard too understand his words due to his deep indian accents( No offence). He gave me Ibrofen again and some cream. I became uncomfortable as this symptoms almost 3 months.

He need to see, if there was any improvement within 2 weeks. Icant stand anymore, as already see my first doctor in private clinic. He gave me 2 dosage in dozen of Antibiotic twice with the stronger one. So, for my opinion, eventough i ate already the antibiotic but still cant cure. With the help of my sister in law, luckily she works in one of the Lab in Ripas. On the negotiation with her friends, then i manage to go for Ripas without referral letter. If im keep delaying this symptoms, im sure it getting worst. I dont want to wait till coming to 3 months, for me its too long for them to examine my case.

It almost 3pm, suddenly one of the staff boustead called me with negative explaination. There was no electricity and my car for servicing is affected. The only solution for them, is i need to picked up my car on Monday. And there was a lot of things for them to check it up. I asked them, how will i go to work without my car tomorrow? They cannot give me the answer and replying and keep rephrasing their problems on not having electricity. For me i dont have any problem, but the things is, they not willing to rent me their spare car as it almost being used by other customers and with alot of excuses. Im getting really mad and thing become more complicated.

Where is the priority for the customer needs? And where is thier emergency plan B? Well, no idea! That what they answer..I fed up, and packed my things from my car. Suddenly, there is one staff, saying my car is almost done! The only final checked is, they have to test it on drive and need to checked the PMS. ( I dont know). It was 4pm, and still doing and ongoing check my car. Just imagine! I send my car 8am and at 4pm still not DONE!!! I dont have any ideas, what stupid arrangement had their made during my absence. The reasons that i received is a lot of queue is going on. I assume, thier having lack of time management and the staff itself.

By the time we waiting for them having a final check onto my car, me and my sister went to Usu's place. For me Usu is my 2nd mother. I knew her eversince year 1997. And for me, she's an angel. She now turn to 58 years old but still fit. She give a good advise,just tell me; ur career,love life and financially. She will worked it up and giving a good advise. She have a warm hearted and she treated people just like her family with no obligations. At 5pm, the boustead were closed and no one is waiting at the counter. I have to search the stupid staff to get my car key. This is what i called "Stupid to the MAx Service" I came there not for free but as if i coming like begging for money. After, all the stupid reasons their give me, luckily the bill only $197 only. If its expensive, for going to make a complaint and get my compensation. There's no other place services agency for Nissan in Brunei. There are the only one, agent doing for the servicing car. If there is, for sure, i will not come again.

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