Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I woke up around 8am, Redzky overnight at my place and his mobile were ringing actively. Feels lazy to wake up but since i had an appointment already,then i need to go. My appointment start 9.30am but i left my place around 9am. Arrived in Ripas around exactly 9.30am,but i couldnt found any empty parking lot nearby. Its full and it was busy day this morning. At last, i parked my car at Sport Complex Hospital Ripas,no other choice.

At the outpatient section, there were a lot of people waiting for their queue to collect their medication. Frankly speaking, all this while,i am very seldom to go to hospital. Just this recently,i went in and out because of my symptoms. I went to Surgical Dept to as per appointment last week. Almost 45 minutes, my name were being called up for my turn to see Mr Tan. I felt nervous as this is the time,either they need to cut it or not. After being examined by Mr Tan, then finally they need to admit me on the date stated. I was told to get my blood test today. I really scared when comes to needles things.Arrghhh..i dont like it. I was alone and no one to talk and pampered to. It all by myself. Where is my best friends?? Where are there?? Is this what we call a good friends? A shoulder to cry on? huh! no one cares about me. But yet, i keep my self in positive way. No one knows what i had been through all this while. Nevermind..

My parents just arrived from Jakarta. I was fall asleep and feel tired. I slept around 2pm till 5pm. Redzky went to Empire arranging his duties and being called up. He seems to be positive eventough he was on leave for two weeks. He really workholic person. Good Luck Redzky, i know you can do it. Now im on stanby till 2200pm. Hopefully, im not being called up. I need rest. Why i was so restless this lately? I dont know, maybe my age i think..heheheh... See you..

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