Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This morning woke up around 8am.Stretching and inhaling a good smells morning glory. I felt fresh. Sickness getting lesser. Only backache and stiff shoulders blades still there. I started on planing going to Canon Interhouse in Bunut. Before that, went to RBC dropping my uniform laundry at Sg Tilong. Then, went for haircut in Kiulap. Surveying Canon camera is a tough tasked. Up and down searching for the best price is ain't easy. Ucingitam called me and starting our conversation about this Canon Camera. He also mentioned about QQ Store Online Shopping Store regarding delivering items which comes to a month haven't arrive yet. Oh! gosh! it's seems that,i need to go to Singapore. Even the salesgirl at Canon Interhouse also suggested me to go for a survey in Singapore as its more cheaper than in Brunei. Furthermore, its also having GST for claiming the goods at the Changi Airport.

But before going to Singapore, i need to fully survey in Brunei.So that, at the end of the day,there will be no regrets for buying the items. This evening, as usual, our rehearsal started at 7.30pm at Muhibbah Room. Now, i can see all singers attend for the rehearsal. It's easy for me to guiding them all-in-one doing the vocal especially on steps. Tomorrow night, RBA and QAF having opening ceremony Dinner at Muhibbah II Ballroom. A guest of honour will be His Royal Highness Pengiran Anak Muda Abdul Qawi and our former CEO Ray Sayer. The match will begins onwards on Wednesday. Will keep the update for this friendship match.. See ya!!