Monday, July 28, 2008


Again, i went to Goverment clinic in Muara. Almost 1 hour waiting for my queue to be called up. My lump getting worse and bigger. I dont even to raise my hand. Get diagnosis from Dr Hj Faroouk, and again my blood level sugar were being tested and i 've got 5.1 and its normal. I was given Ibrofen to relief the pain and some cream medication. I was asked to finish my antibiotic first and had to come and see him on the 31st August for 2nd appointment. If still presist, then final checked up is refer to Main Hospital in bandar for a little cut surgical. Im getting worried and try calming myself for this symptoms. huh....
My parents went to KL and our activicties at home is wacthing movie by using my dad projecter. It just look like in the cinema adding with home theater speaker and the surroundings just nice..

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