Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tonight i went to cineplex Mall with Fauzan. Its time for me to pamper myself with this outings. Dont give me more stress, i deserve this. I bought some shirt in local department store,offerings discounted items up to 50%. Grab this chances and im bored having the same T-shirt when going out. I need fresh look and fresh things. We went to cinema and started to meet at his grandfather place in Batu Besurat. Sharply at 2030lt, he hoop to my car and start to go Mall.

And conversation start with gossip! You know artist life, cant be avoided.The movie we had watched is 2 hours and 25 minutes and it was thriller and action movies. I considered, The Batman movies, but why cant they made a title THE BATMAN? well no ideas!It was not crowded and i managed to book the seat really at the back rows. The whole row we dominated and suprisingly no one is sitting there! strange...I hate jokers! he is irrritating..Gosh! and got emotion throughout the movies. The making of this movies, really great and the animation 3d (i guess) were spectacular! Bravo to this directors and the producers. End up the movies around 0011 Midnight, and guess what? Fauzan mentioning to me he just turn to 29 last 2 days, on the 27th Aug and he's LEO.
But at least i treat him to cinema and fair enough..hehehhe

I received a message chat box, Jeff having problems with his mobile phone. No wonder, i cant called him and nil reply messages from him. Well, i dont really know what the source of the problem, but im bored during my 4 days off, i just grabbed whoever is available in bandar. Got bless him..Amin.. Btw, Happy Birthday Dj Fauzan, hopefully, more wishes come true with more prosperity and long life. Amin..

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