Saturday, May 24, 2008

Promotion Leading/ 14th - 23rd May 2008

Today just finish our promtional Leading course of this year. I think, taun ani stress dan penuh dengan kontroversi punya group. Biasalah ada segelintir doesnt like our group of selection, which this group of leading were only 1 group saja. Iatah banyak inda puas ati, dan ada2 saja urang kan mencomplain. But, at least the group of mine were really tough and siuk..pasal crewnya open minded. Dalam 10 Hari course atu were been thought in Leadership skills, where we have to handle more crew, as leading were in-charge at the back in Economy Class. Where more problem and works to handle of.

Most probably, it isnt any easy task for a section leader for this post.LAst 3 days kami kna random check urine test from BKN! tekajut kami. Before this urine test, we were given opportunity to have learning listening skills at CFBT. Siuk eyh, but a lot of things need to do jualah. Dzul were conducted our class followed by Audrey/k. But the worst things, when we having 4 days, covering up regarding Safety Emergency and Acting CSO( The inflight purser) or as might call for Cabin Services Officer. We have to learn his/her acting as CSO, as due to , if CSo report sick at very short time. So, we as leading will have responsible and overtake as CSO, ifCSO dont arrive, then captain will decide to select which will selected as CSO.

But at the end of the course, i felt more uplifting as Daisy ( our Instructor), who motivates all of us in this group. I really salute her for being kindness, friendly and motivater person. Hope we all in this group will pass the promotion after 3 months. Amin

Good Luck to you all and all the best in all year round


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